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The new smart solution for single-sided deafness will be available with immediate effect.
Aviva wants to work with the industry, Government and Regulator to make deafness claims quicker and simpler to settle.
Michael Jefferies, Managing Director of the firm says that the effects of industrial deafness are far reaching and the condition touches the lives of many people the firm sees on a regular basis.
Combining this new knowledge about Lgr5-expressing cells with the previous finding that Notch inhibition can regenerate hair cells will allow the scientists to design new hair cell regeneration strategies to treat hearing loss and deafness.
With the latest technology, special hearing aids can do quite a lot for nerve deafness.
Andrew Weeks from Northumbria Healthcare said: "Many people are unaware that they may be putting themselves at risk of deafness and tinnitus by listening to loud music.
To a question, he said cousin-marriage are also a cause of deafness among patients, adding that pregnant women should not take drugs during the first three months of pregnancy.
Deafness Research UK is a charity close to the hearts of all members of my family.
Action on Hearing Loss and Deafness Research UK are holding talks about the possibility of a merger.
The stigma associated with deafness means many of us are too embarrassed to admit we cannot hear as well as we used to.
Basically, all the things that a 9-year-old girl likes to do were slowly taken away from her because of her deafness.
These cases of deafness and tinnitus are blamed in part on the use of MP3 players.
Cathy, who lost her hearing after an accident when she was six, and Michael, who has been deaf since birth, both have bitter memories of growing up with deafness.
NATIONAL charity Deafness Research UK's award-winning Bionic Ear roadshow will be touring Wales for three weeks in September.
AS One Direction's Louis Tomlinson becomes the latest in a line of young pop stars to announce he is suffering from noise-induced deafness and tinnitus, Deafness Research UK is reminding everyone that hearing conditions are no respecters of age and this latest case is part of a worrying trend of hearing loss among the young that needs to be tackled now.