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an oppressive encumbrance

a heavy motionless weight

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This will solve all potential deadweight loss problems."
Farm programs have the potential for generating significant deadweight losses in two ways.
Deadweight effect is one of the forms of ineffectiveness in additionality principle.
He added: "Looking ahead, I have no plans to change the Beltex's role within the commercial flock and whether we sell liveweight or organic deadweight in the future will be responsive to the premiums that are on offer at the time.
It can handle tankers with deadweight up to 150,000 tons and has capacity to ship 15 million tons of oil a year.
The young bull class was won by Chris Jerman, of Glangwden, Trefeglwys, with a 14-month-old Limousin which graded U+2 and had a daily deadweight gain of 0.77kg/day.
It's something I've been stressing in Birmingham Post blogs and columns - 1980s EZs didn't work well and were expensive, with high costs in terms of displacement and deadweight effects.
The 11,520 deadweight tonnage vessel "Aegean Star," which was sailing from Ghana to Benin was attacked some 20 kilometers off the coast of Benin, the managing company said.
CHITRAL is 46,710 deadweight; Handymax Bulk Carrier built in 2003 by Oshima Shipbuilding Co.
A by product of a tax rate increase is the deadweight loss associated with changes in tax revenue, which according to Feldstein is often likely to be equal to or greater than the direct revenue cost itself.
The 13,065 deadweight tonnes tanker Motivator, manned by 18 Filipino crew and carrying lubricating oil, was attacked early on Sunday morning,...
Or, as Waldfogel would say, the deadweight loss of getting this book as a gift would be less than you might expect.
In order to quantify, further on, the efficiency loss of a tax we need to compute the value of the above mentioned deadweight loss (of the real economy too), for which we use the following graph:
Once the ships are added, the company`s total capacity will increase to 5.8 million deadweight tons, Mohammad H.
How much of a deadweight loss do intellectual property laws create on the access side of the market?