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a nonenterprising person who is not paying his way

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a train or bus or taxi traveling empty

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Like all Deadheads, Malvinni loves this music, a sentiment clear from his passionate prose.
OUT on the road today, I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.
If you are hybridizing or even just saving seeds for replanting, you don't want to deadhead, so don't ever do this in someone else's garden unless you ask permission.
Of course, Ben favored his Deadhead two-blade broadhead, while I leaned to multiple blade styles.
I am a fairly longtime Deadhead (since 1975), and I have to say that Brian Doherty's "Come Hear Uncle Sam's Band" (March) was one of the best mainstream explanations of the Grateful Dead that I have ever read.
Here's a few jokes to illustrate:Q: How do you know when a Deadhead has been visiting?
Las Vegas, where the high-rollers are pissed off about the invasion of the deadheads.
Hey Deadheads, are you "Truckin' " on over to North Plains July 16-18 to see Bill and Mickey at the Northwest String Summit?
In the '90s, the Dead's spirit gave birth to a new wave of "jam bands"--whose fans emulate the Deadheads in their obsessive dedication and camp following--best exemplified by Phish.
To keep them blooming, you'll want to pinch off the deadheads regularly, as well as old foliage, and give them an application of liquid fertilizer during the growing season.
The Raiders can't get the fire going, their roving Deadheads can't motivate, no one seems capable of some nice Super Bowl venom.
Lastly, Walheim says to remove suckers - sprouts from the rootstock below the graft union - because they steal water from the main canes, and he recommends not snipping deadheads.
Though ``Grateful Dawg'' isn't much of a documentary, the pleasures it holds for acoustic music fans and Deadheads in particular are probably beyond measure.