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a nonenterprising person who is not paying his way

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a train or bus or taxi traveling empty

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Note that shrubs like lilacs and rhododendrons also benefit from being deadheaded.
This self-titled studio effort is evenly divided between the veteran jam band's main musical inspirations: banjo-based mountain-folk-Cajun forms and Grateful Deadheaded natural mysticism (also, amusingly, with banjo).
They should be grown in well-drained fertile soil in full sun and, if deadheaded regularly, can last until October.
Use a garden vacuum to clear up after trimming and deadheading, especially on plants which can be deadheaded in one go using shears, such as lavender.
Photo: Our test plot, shown here in peak bloom, doesn't yet show benefits of deadheading; a month later, plants not deadheaded will be declining, but the deadheaded ones will still flourish