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a dead shot

(nautical) a round hardwood disk with holes and a grooved perimeter used to tighten a shroud

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Clark was nowhere near ready for US Tour combat when he returned to action at Riviera in February, but he decided to slowly play his way back to health and form, and by the start of the summer this deadeye driver was hitting every fairway again.
London, Mar 17( ANI ): Bolton Wanderers captain Nigel Reo-Coker, who is also a good deadeye clay pigeon shooter, is hoping to see off Tottenham Spurs' challenge in the FA Cup quarterfinals at White Hart Lane on Saturday.
The deadeye pensioner landed the Basil George Shield and Badge for the best Veteran High Gun of the match, the Whiting Cup for being winning veteran team captain and the Mid Wales Shooting Centre Cup and Badge for being Veteran High Gun of Wales champion.
Visiting counterpart Jimmy Gopperth slotted through his first of the day to halve the lead, and by the time the final whistle came the deadeye Kiwi had extended his hot streak to 15 consecutive shots at goal after adding three conversions and a penalty to his opening effort.
As the first flocks of the day proved, a bevy of roaring shotguns and deadeye shooters down the row of blinds left few stragglers in range for those of us on the far end of the line.
Captain Corcoran and Dick Deadeye team up for the song Kind Captain, I've important information, while other songs include We Sail The Ocean Blue, I'm Called Little Buttercup, He is an Englishman and Oh Joy, Oh Rapture Unforeseen.
It received the finish from Fernando Torres such deadeye distribution deserved.
Sheriff Deadeye was anything but, while his constantly slipping holster gave him a sissy-pants walk.
Little Buttercup, Ralph Rackstraw, Dick Deadeye and the "ruler of the Queen's Navy," all onstage in this satiric operetta.
Paterson had another deadeye penalty strike but Hodgson did the same at the other end before Paterson quickly added No.
Between declining public trust in old "dead tree" media, dips in circulation and advertising revenues, competition from new digital media, not to mention relentless pressure from those fact-checking whippersnappers hurling deadeye darts from the blogosphere, newspapers are in a bit of a slump.
The two scores also differ as to whether it is Dick Deadeye (Broude, pt.
The company also developed the similarly guided Deadeye five-inch projectile for the US Navy, manufacturing 200 rounds that passed technical and operational evaluation trials before the programme was cancelled due to funding cuts.
At Folkestone Dickie Deadeye looked to be given far too easy a time by his apprentice jockey in the last on Wednesday.
Thomas Round is ideal as the fresh-faced Ralph Rackstraw, John Reed as the pompous Sir Joseph Porter, and Donald Adams as the villainous Dick Deadeye.