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Synonyms for deadening

the act of making something futile and useless (as by routine)

so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

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QQ Step Soft[TM] - A sound deadening recycled rubber mat promoting anti-fracture of tile while increasing sound ratings.
GLS's new damping technology is said to be "the first of its kind to provide true material damping by utilizing unique chemistries for sound and deadening across a wide frequency range (10-20,000 Hz)." It also provides wide ranges in hardness (20-80 Shore A) and specific gravity (0.9-1.3), thus affording greater design freedom versus traditionally used materials.
Unless you're a sound engineer, "sound deadening" probably conjures up images of light, spongy tiles which look like egg trays glued to the wall and ceiling.
To dispel that deadening sense of airport anomie, the architects introduce light and views at every opportunity.
Shapiro claimed to have been inspired by two experiences: seeing the 1998 film Shakespeare in Love; and reading a book review by the Shakespearian scholar Simon Jarvis in which, fed up with what he called the 'deadening convention' of 'total' biographies, he made a plea for 'partial ones'.
While Buick likes to go on and on about the "QuietTuning" interior on the Lucerne, chief engineer Ed Zellner reveals that both the DTS and Lucerne share sound deadening systems.
The book of Judges joins other prophetic books in warning the people of God in every age of the deadening results of unfaithfulness.
This cover, known as a guy protector, has several purposes, including sound deadening, rust prevention, and finger(s) protection!
The rain is both cleansing and deadening, and its endless pattering simultaneously transitory and permanent.
No, don't try, that's unimaginable." Tiravanija's art seemed to offer an alternative to the deadening experience of "autonomous" objects in sterile white cubes--a living art of "conviviality and encounters," of "connections and meetings" (to quote Nicolas Bourriaud).
And, if the levels are too high, they will tell your neighbours to put down rugs or some sound deadening.
The treatment blocks the effects of the male hormone testosterone, deadening a person's sex drive and ability.
I'm willing to concede that it's possible that your neighborhood church might seem to be a place where the spiritual life is deadening. Perhaps you have had bad experiences in your local parish that have caused you to search elsewhere.
The enclosure consists of 14-gauge sheet metal lined with one- and two-inch layers of polydamp acoustical sound deadening material.
She speaks to other women in the hospital, learns about the sexually deadening impact of chemotherapy and holds close her bewildered son, Sebastian, who fears in silence.