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Synonyms for deadening

the act of making something futile and useless (as by routine)

so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

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However, the architecture also avoids the deadening hand of pastiche that is all too familiar in many new developments across the country.
Products that have grown to replace the automotive business include foamed and woodgrain-pigmented PVC "lumber" profiles, TPO sheet for roofing, and EVA sheet for sound deadening.
How satisfying, then, to find this richly informative and superbly installed exhibition, which showcased a recently donated collection without sycophancy, explicated a detailed chronology without didacticism, and, crucially, presented books in vitrines without deadening their multi-foliate presence.
Sound deadening is added in the areas to be occupied by the Bose speakers (there are 12 of them), along the floor, and even in the right front fender to block wind noise.
The poverty I knew was dreary, deadening, shameful," she says.
Similarly, the use of EAs as a sound deadening acoustical barrier has been limited because of the relatively low density of these materials.
Starting off on the wrong foot with an aged Ptolemy (Anthony Hopkins) - a trusted Alexander general who set himself up as Pharaoh of Egypt following the 33-year-old emperor's untimely death - narrating reams of windbag exposition, the movie ricochets between freak show and deadening discourse for the next nearly three tedious hours.
You published some pretty big sheds, but the only images of commercial skyscrapers, the most dull and deadening building type of our times, were in the Jencks article.
Rae draws both the titles and the deadening affect of her canvases from the same cultural well - video games, horror movies - as recent American school shooters.
It offers a high solids content of special fillers that protect and seal coated surface while providing both sound deadening and insulation characteristics.
I deeply love museums, but, like you, I've often felt they can be deadening.
What might have been deadening elements have become luminous, particularly in the latter case, for lamps at the edge of the galleries make them glow in their own right.
On the big screen in Rossini, the whole minor universe of German TV stars, and the ostentatious Munich industry in-crowd, reached full, deadening fruition.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - Researchers are working on deadening the noise from supersonic aircraft, setting the stage for a day when jets can travel over homes without nerve-rattling, window-shaking sonic booms.
Clearly, at some moment, there was a decision to have Hitchcock continue to spout a number of deadening cliches about "actors as cattle" and the erotic potential of "ladylike blondes.