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an equality of scores, votes, or performances in a contest

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a tie in a race

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In the absence of Smith, Stickels and their forerunners, and with Scan-O-Vision scanning the winning line up to 2,000 times a second, producing pictures containing millions of pixels, dead-heats are in danger of extinction.
Hard to imagine anyone with any caring thoughts towards this fraternity, but some readers felt that if bookies paid out on both horses involved in a dead-heat they could go out of business.
Malcolm Wallace, the Jockey Club's director of regulations, said: "The panel reduced the penalty because it did not feel 21 days sat comfortably with similar offences, considering connections and punters did not suffer to the same degree because it was a dead-heat rather than the loss of an outright first place."
When was the last time two horses trained by the same person dead-heated for first place?
The Irish St Leger was first run in 1915 and this is the only time there has been a dead-heat for first place.
"There is no record of a quadruple dead-heat (or more!), but I cannot imagine what the odds against it might be."
Nick Littmoden, trainer of Kindlelight Blue, was not present at Lingfield, but said, yesterday, he had watched on television and was more than happy with a dead-heat.
The Sadler's Wells colt dead-heats with Johar in an epic at Santa Anita, pipping the brilliant Falbrav in the process.
FOLLOWING my piece last month highlighting a 'crazy' forecast return from a race at Shelbourne where a 1-3 favourite beating a 4-1 shot that dead-heated for second only paid pounds 1.08 for a pounds 1 stake (odds of 1-12), I can confirm the dividend was declared wrongly by the Press Association, and that the then called-for rule to prevent a forecast paying less than the winner's SP regardless of dead-heats or non-runners, already exists in the NSL Chart.
It is fundamentally flawed, however, so far as dead-heats are concerned.
But given its increased popularity and the fact that it is one of the most likely markets to result in a tie, it seems appropriate to outline bookmakers' rules concerning dead-heats.
WHETHER it be through reasons of sheer professionalism, or indeed the feeling amongst tracks that for some reason or another bookmakers don't like dead-heats, it does frustrate me when judges split runners in a desperately close finish - especially when the image that is then shown around the stadium, or indeed to betting shops throughout the country in the case with BAGS, doesn't prove the result given.
FURTHER to Ron Calman's letter regarding dead-heats, can I explain to him the half of 4-1 isn't 2-1.
But Ladbrokes had largely dodged the bullets by the time two-thirds of the field had finished, with just three dead-heats and only one of those a high-profile match.