dead-end street

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a street with only one way in or out

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It is understood a car in which McFarlane was travelling had turned into a dead-end street off the Newtownards Road while being pursued by police.
Despite lush photography and an attractive cast, this misbegotten mess risks suffering the same fate at the box office that befalls its heroine on her dead-end street. --Andrew Barker
Six people were living in the building on a dead-end street. There were no serious injuries and all residents were evacuated.
Finally, the mad motorist literally vanished down a dead-end street in Kensington and was seen no more.
Tsvetanov emphasized that the removal of the Chief Directorate "Combating Organized Crime" (GDBOP) from the structure of the Interior Ministry and its transfer to the State Agency for National Security (DANS) had resulted in a large number of the human trafficking investigations to enter a dead-end street within a few months.
The complex is located at the end of a dead-end street and parking is available in its own private lot.
At that night, Brown reportedly refused to stop his car and started to run away on foot after turning down a dead-end street. He was then run over by the police car driven by a police officer, James Harris.
They reportedly fled, crashing into several other cars in a high-speed escape which continued for about 10 kilometres (six miles) before the pair turned into a dead-end street. The soldiers reportedly tried to ram their car into a police officer, prompting him to fire three shots at the car.
Since the store was relocated to a basement on a non-arterial, dead-end street, I doubt I have visited ABC once a year.
We residents live in a cul-de-sac with two schools, one a Welsh-medium school and one English, both within yards of each other (they share a boundary) and our dead-end street is only about 200 metres long.
Summary: Tucked away in a small warehouse on a dead-end street, an Internet pioneer is building a bunker to protect an endangered species: the printed word.
Regarding the Cartagena talks, Jorge Coronado, a Costa Rican leader of the Central American social movement, told NotiCen that "the meeting stems from the fact that the Honduran 'gobierno golpista' and those running US foreign policy are realizing they're reaching a dead-end street regarding the Honduran issue.
We came across one dead-end street that was too narrow to turn your car around in, meaning you had to reverse 100 yards to get out.
But he got back up, reloaded his weapon, and fled into what turned out to be a dead-end street. Police found him there dead, having apparently shot himself in the head.
The restaurant also lies on a dead-end street across from an industrial park and is somewhat hidden by a tall hedge that lines the sidewalk.