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fixed in your purpose

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Despite their earlier promises, they are dead set on building a third runway
Cheryl is dead set against her and you can understand why.
Despite arriving in Wolverhampton the day after Brazil's annihilation at the World Cup, the man from Belo Horizonte showed no visible signs of trauma and, if anything, appeared dead set on inflicting some devastation of his own.
Raf was previously dead set against the idea of adoption and there''s no way he's going to want to bring up Harry Tressler's sprog as his own.
Summary: The fall of the rebel-held town of Yabroud over the weekend is the latest sign, if anyone needed it, that the Syrian regime and its allies are dead set on settling the conflict militarily.
But the ECB's conservative minority, which voted against this month's surprise cut in interest rates and are led by its German members, still seem dead set against any such move.
I'm told: "They were dead set on going but then thought they should perhaps stay with the kids because they had been away.
Visibly excited to be back in town promoting latest album, Dead Set On Living, Liam Cormier and co stride onstage and blast headfirst into a set both intense and immense.
The band are also re-releasing Dead Set On Living as a deluxe edition including three unheard tracks and the Bat Sabbath EP.
However, he faces a major battle because the top military commanders are dead set against the idea of sending troops to Syria, the report added.
"Romney and Paul Ryan are dead set on slashing seniors' Medicare benefits to pay for more millionaire tax breaks," Democratic strategist Kelly Ward wrote donors on Tuesday.
The co-production between the Everyman and Playhouse and the Lyric Hammersmith was penned by The League of Gentlemen and Twisted Tales' master of the macabre Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman, co-creator and director of Derren Brown's television and stage shows and star of Dead Set, Severance and Campus on screen.
Babacan said Turkey was dead set against nuclear weapons in its region, adding that Iran needed to act more transparently and cooperate more with international institutions.
BACK in 2008, TV critic Charlie Brooker seized on our love of reality shows and gave us the zombie drama Dead Set.
In 2008, former TV critic Charlie Brooker seized on our love of reality shows and gave us the zombie drama Dead Set. Now, he's examining our reliance on technology, and the result is Black Mirror, a series of three stand-alone thrillers (although one of them has been penned by Peep Show co-creator Jesse Armstrong).