dead ringer

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a person who is almost identical to another

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Because the blades on the Dead Ringer are swept back in flight, the point will contact first giving the head the same entry as a fixed blade head with a Trocar point.
This dead ringer is supposed to fill in until after the election is won, but he grows to like the role until he discovers that the real PM was poisoned.
THE VERDICT Stylish and enjoyable remake of the hit 1984 movie with newcomers Wormald and hough (a dead ringer for a young Jennifer aniston) putting in cute performances as the rebels.
In his pork pie hat and scruffy beard, he was a dead ringer for vocalist Dave Peacock as he arrived at JFK Airport with son Maddox.
Direct from the USA, The Dead Ringer from Hell bills itself as "the ultimate Meatloaf experience." If you missed Meat Loaf in his 70s prime or want to relive the excitement of Meat's early days then this is apparently the show to see.
David Hyde Pierce's Sir Robin, whose long tresses make him a dead ringer for Charlotte Rampling, insists that "You Won't Succeed on Broadway (If You Haven't Any Jews)," which cues a wacky side trip to Fiddler on the Roof.
Although the palette Johnson chose for her bubbling colony of yeast is a dead ringer for that of the seventeenth-century masterpiece it's meant to mimic, the sweet-hued watercolor rods and blossoms seem weirdly overdetermined in their pursuit of the original image, giving the work a forced, unnatural quality that is actually heightened by the "natural" material on which the forms are based.
Koji Yakusho's performance as both the repressive inventor and his smirking nemesis rivals Jeremy Irons's in Dead Ringer.
The guide was a dead ringer for Julie Walters' Mrs Overall, who gave her all to the assembled collection of pensioners, parents and pesky kids.
"Cor, isn't Jan Koller a dead ringer for Frankie Dettori," or perhaps "Well blow me down with a feather if that person wearing Paul Scholes' shirt isn't 1970s West Ham star Clyde Best."
She can hardly blame us for mixing them up - with her long, dark, wavy hair and floppy hat, she is a dead ringer for her ever-youthful namesake.
Peugeot's 308RCZ is a dead ringer for Audi's TT but the French claim their effort is far more practical.
The actor ( who's a dead ringer for Jaws ( has made sure he's had a bite of the action.
I'd never have been able to get a word in."FIRST she looked like Hilda Ogden, now pop siren CHRISTINA AGUILERA is a dead ringer for another Corrie legend - Liz McDonald on a bad hair day.
Look-a-like Martin Jarvis reckons he's a dead ringer for Jones the Voice but we think he is more bomb than Tom!