dead reckoning

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an estimate based on little or no information

navigation without the aid of celestial observations

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(3) When RTK-SN position samples are received, they are compared to the dead reckoning position sample from the FIFO buffer from (2) with the closest time stamp to the sample, which will be 5 ms away in the worst case.
In this paper, we proposed a dead reckoning system using an IMU, an ultrasonic anemometer, and a magnetometer.
Min, "Robust dead reckoning system for mobile robots based on particle filter and raw range scan", Sensors (Switzerland), Vol 14, Iss 9, Pages 16532-16562, 2014, doi:10.3390/s140916532.
Drummond reported that field investigations by the Home Ministry of Bangladesh in 1972 had turned up about 2000 complaints of deaths at the hands of the Pakistan Army." (Sarmila Bose Dead Reckoning: Memories of 1971 Bangladesh War Pages 175 177)
However, few of the dead reckoning methods that have been proposed focus on improving prediction accuracy by introducing new methods of predicting the path of a player.
This time, The Luchagors will supported by The Dead Reckoning, formerly known as Buzzkill and Leeds band The Sewer Suckers.
"Dead Reckoning" is the science fiction story of the WNS Pathfinder, which embodies a cutting edge new technology that could change the world of intergalactic travel as Captain William Brighton knew it.
Just saw your reply to my e-mail about dead reckoning on the back page of the November issue.
"Heat Wave" in Centennial Square on August 24th promised sun but the wave came in the form of trillions of raindrops that didn't deter people from celebrating the Pacific, sampling tasty tropical treats by Blue Nile and the Reef to the music of Jon Middleton, Jiminy, Animal Nation, Dead Reckoning and Oh!
Flying from the Aleutian islands of Attu, Shemya, and Kiska under difficult weather conditions over the bitter-cold Bering Sea with simple navigation (dead reckoning), the US Army Air Forces and the Navy (flying B-25Ds, B-24s, and Ventura PV-1s) carried out 1,500-mile sorties lasting 10 hours that pushed man and machine to their limits.
The Cayman Islands is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Cuba, with a dead reckoning traveler leaving Cayman Brac and landing at the Twelve League Labyrinth which is worth visiting just because of its wonderful name.
Unnaturally, Zombies eating people but this time people have advanced anti-Zombie weapons the comprise of heavy duty machine guns and a Zombie dicing and slicing vehicle called Dead Reckoning. The downside of living in a Zombie dominated world is: If you are bitten or injured by a Zombie you end up being one.In the not so distant future--undisclosed--Zombies dominate the uninhabited parts of the world, which is as always somewhere in North America and Canada.
Apart from the style of yachts, safety equipment was minimal, radios were the old crystal type, and navigation was a combination of celestial and dead reckoning, no Beaufort type life rafts were carried and wet weather was almost non-existent.
Advertised as the smallest of its sort, the XV-8000CB is intended for 'dead reckoning', the positioning method used in car navigation systems.
DEAD RECKONING. Emmet, cousin to Captain Francis Drake, experiences adventures on the high seas serving on Drake's ship, the Pelican.