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the position of a crank when it is in line with the connecting rod and not exerting torque

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Srinagar -- In Indian held Kashmir, Sikh families are awaiting justice even after sixteen years since the horrifying massacre of Chattisinghpora took place wherein 35 persons from Sikh families were shot dead point blank.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that he has a feeling that the settling of the Syrian conflict has moved from a dead point.
If editors choose to focus on just the revolution itself, the coverage of it comes, rather quickly, to a dead point.
In the first stage, one sensor was set near the suction port, near the bottom dead point (-x direction in Figure 2) and near the connection port.
Last night at midnight was supposed to be the drop dead point.
at high speeds, in order to operate the engine with best power, fuel consumption and NOx emission performances, it is necessary that the cam profiles should assure the admission valve opening at 20[degrees]RA advance in regard to the superior dead point and its closing at 33/40[degrees]RA delay in regard to the inferior dead point, the exhaust valve opening at 40[degrees]RA advance and closing at 20/25[degrees]RA;
When the operation parameters of tool pair, street properties, and the product dimensions are specified in the control system, it automatically calculates optimal ram movement, back gage position and retraction, bending force, lower dead point, and automatic return stroke.
Jack Irish: Dead Point Essential Media and Entertainment Pty Ltd
Surely Zionists are on the dead point and have no other alternative but officially recognizing inalienable rights of the Palestinian nation.
Meanwhile, hydel generation from Tarbela dam has significantly decreased as water level of the reservoir stood at dead point of 1378.
Concerning the chisel point--the dead point where no drilling occurs--shape and location can make a big difference with regard to drill breakage and drilling conditions.
Zionists have reached the dead point and have no other alternative but officially recognizing and bowing to the absolute right of the Palestinian nation," he added.
The water line will connect two dead points along Speedway Drive and Dayton Road, which will decrease sediment and increase water pressure.
But this is where Fight Night has always succeeded as a boxing game - eliminating dead points in the entertainment and constantly keeping you on your toes.
The game is so long, and there are dead points in it, and conversations come up.