dead nettle

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Synonyms for dead nettle

foul-smelling perennial Eurasiatic herb with a green creeping rhizome

any of various plants of the genus Lamium having clusters of small usually purplish flowers with two lips

coarse bristly Eurasian plant with white or reddish flowers and foliage resembling that of a nettle

a plants of the genus Pilea having drooping green flower clusters and smooth translucent stems and leaves

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Yellow archangel (Lamiastrum spp.) resembles spotted dead nettle but grows in deep shade.
The genus thymus, belonging to the dead nettle family labiatae, contains some 350 species and scores of cultivars, but considerably fewer are commonly available through garden centres and nurseries.
The white dead nettle has showed the most dramatic change - blooming 55 days earlier in 1990 compared to 1954 to 1990.
Calla Lily Lily of the Valley Wild Ginger May Apple Jack in the Pulpit Bloodroot Spring Beauty Dutchman's Breeches Grape Hyacinth Pepper Root Jacob's Bleeding Heart Iris Lupine Primrose Solomon's Seal Toad Trillium Pansy Pussy-Toes Columbine Coralbells Oriental Poppy Shooting Star Lavender Peony Ladder Buttercup Coreopsis Dianthus Dead Nettle Armeria
Columbine Coralbells Oriental Poppy Shooting Star Jacob's Ladder Coreopsis Dianthus Dead Nettle Armeria
This light made it possible to combine true shade-loving plants--including dead nettle, hosta, and meadow rue--with perennials that tolerate bright shade at higher elevations, such as catmint, 'Berggarten' sage, and veronica.
When adding an iron solution to dye made from purple dead nettle, the dye color is changed from yellow/green to a deep forest green.
Dark-leaved varieties such as Chocolate Ruffles look especially good underplanted with the ground-hugging dead nettle, Lamium 'Beacon Silver' and the golden blooms of Lysimachia 'Aurea', creeping Jenny.
DEAD NETTLE WHITE Nancy and silver beacon dead nettles, or lamiums, have shiny silvery leaves that light up shady spots and help purple-leaved groundhuggers, like ajuga and heuchera palace purple, stand out against bare soil.
NOVEMBER * Second warmest November in 100 years leads to a "second spring" with spring plants including dandelions and white dead nettle flowering again, along with garden plants and shrubs.
He said hedgerow plants such as white dead nettle, which flowered in mid-March in the 1960s was now doing so by January 23.
Artemisia Aster Buddleia Catmint (Nepeta) Dead nettle (Lamium maculatum) Dianthus Dusty miller (Senecio cineraria) Geranium (Pelargonium) Germander (Teucrium) Lavatera Lavender Lion's tail (Leonotis leonurus) Penstemon Salvia
plant is a per for any g wher plan to gr re yLg th dra WH CO 40p per c ?If fh 40 If none of those takes your fancy, why not consider honeysuckle, pyracantha, dead nettle or hedgehog rose?
The greatest change was for a plant called the white dead nettle.
Wrth ddilyn llwybr arall y diwrnod wedyn dyma ddod ar draws planhigyn nad oeddwn erioed wedi ei weld o'r blaen, sef y Morddanhadlen Wen (White Dead Nettle) .