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a metaphor that has occurred so often that it has become a new meaning of the expression (e

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Note that in a disjoint metaphor the sense selection component may select as a sense a dead metaphor that was itself at one time the result of a disjoint metaphor construction.
(13.) The dead metaphor and the living crow are alluded to when, on the next page, "Mr.
"Living by Wit" and "Knight of Industry": Some Notes on the History in Two Dead Metaphors
Once, a journalist asked Don for some examples of dead metaphors. He picked up a copy of that day's Concord Monitor and turned to the editorial, which, as it happened, I had written.
And dead presidents joins dead air, dead letter, dead metaphor, and dead reckoning, the newbie standing for "U.S.
Even by the poetic standard of medieval Arabic poetry, pre-Islamic metaphor was considered dead metaphor, and poets sought fresh ways to respond to a relatively more complex life.
Mimi and Jimmy's tabletop dance, for example, is a yawner, and their increasingly spastic gyrations seem like a desperate attempt to inject a dead metaphor with life.
Jesus's own death was no dead metaphor, but effectively finished poetry off.
Economists do seem incapable of understanding what makes Herbert Simon tick (not a dead metaphor in this instance, as this book illustrates).
Google gives me a variety of choices, I pick one which offers papers for sale ("Dead Metaphor Essays") and would also write a paper for me, if they did not have what I needed.
no, a dead metaphor by now) that often preoccupy introductory works.
While Cranmer appeals to usage as evidence of figuration, however, Gardiner cancels his own recognition of its extent by invoking usage and thereby dead metaphor or cliche.
Every grain of sand was a dead metaphor that equaled timelessness, and to decipher such metaphors would take one through the false mirror of eternity.
Deutscher (2005) argues that language itself should be conceived of as a reef of dead metaphors as all abstract ideas can be traced back to metaphors initially.