dead center

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the position of a crank when it is in line with the connecting rod and not exerting torque

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5) applies a knurled dead center in the main shaft of the lathe and a knurled live center in the tailstock (Bragaru, 1998).
When the latch releases, the tightly wound spring gives the armature a quick twist, which produces a very hot spark at top dead center. After the impulse is released, the spark will fire 35 degrees before top dead center.
I sat in the second row, dead center. It was a small crowd.
After establishing a top dead center and a bottom dead center, Chudleigh ran a wire from pole to pole.
Chief among them: A unique disc-valve design that handles both the inlet and outlet valves of the compression cylinder, allowing trapped gases to be removed from the cylinder, which improves volumetric efficiency, while spark plug firing has been configured to occur after top dead center for improved thermal performance.
With the aircraft stabilized and both localizer and glideslope needles dead center, we would routinely fly on instruments literally to the runway.
Look for the "Sail Bus" (you'll know when you see it), the Eugene City Council, the "Humoroids" and "Top Dead Center," a motor scooter club.
"It's dead center on the Strip and it's got a 90,000-square foot exhibit center," Taylor says.
I am within two miles of the dead center of this place.
They're as indomitable as that dried milk scum at the dead center inside bottom of your kid's empty breakfast glass left out in the sun.
In dead center hangs a basket prophetically filled with crutches, a bell (like the ones lepers had to carry), and a sword.
By pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering charges on August 21, the 37-year-old became the first Enron executive to come clean and place himself in the dead center of one of the highest-profile corporate scandals this country has ever seen.
For example, at top dead center on a crank pin there is very little cheek metal, almost none really, while at bottom dead center, on the same pin, the heated area is virtually surrounded by a huge heat sink.
There was an orange-sized hole dead center of the mattress.
O-rings (of varying outer and core diameters) were placed on a specially designed table so that they could be accurately displaced laterally to determine the effect of testing away from the top dead center.