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the position of a crank when it is in line with the connecting rod and not exerting torque

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5) applies a knurled dead center in the main shaft of the lathe and a knurled live center in the tailstock (Bragaru, 1998).
When the latch releases, the tightly wound spring gives the armature a quick twist, which produces a very hot spark at top dead center.
For example, at top dead center on a crank pin there is very little cheek metal, almost none really, while at bottom dead center, on the same pin, the heated area is virtually surrounded by a huge heat sink.
O-rings (of varying outer and core diameters) were placed on a specially designed table so that they could be accurately displaced laterally to determine the effect of testing away from the top dead center.
The bill's sponsor changed back, not to dead center, but the other direction.
As this Hubble Heritage Project portrait dramatically shows, NGC 3314 in Hydra consists of a large spiral galaxy with a smaller, closer, face-on spiral superimposed on it almost dead center.
The duet keeps ending up dead center, right where I don't want it
The poems, prose poems, translations, and visual art collected in Century Dead Center demonstrate the range, complexity, and intelligence of a writer and scholar whose groundbreaking work in medieval literature sustains and energizes poetry well aware of twentieth-century antecedents.
Normally, when you focus on an object, light hits the macula, the dead center of the retina, or back of your eye.
But if successfully confirmed as Clinton's budget chief, Raines will be dead center in a long-running and brutal debate in Washington: balancing the federal budget.
James Ingalls's shifting cloudscape on the cyclorama moves from azure storm clouds to the red anger of a city on fire as fourteen principals and soloists (with all the women on pointe) traverse the stage in dramatic pairings and eddies of motion that might happen at the stage's perimeter, as with Evelyn Cisneros and Loscavio, or dead center with Grace Maduell, who pirouettes with legs that pointedly shift from straight to bent as the ballet accelerates toward its finale.
The piston, accordingly, compresses for fuel-air mixture only during four-fifths of its travel toward top dead center.
In fact, the two visible-light and two near-infrared pictures relayed to an Australian radio receiver show Gaspra at dead center, scientists reported at a briefing last week at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.
The Dyescan can only be removed by a direct impingement on the surface, or by impingement from no more than 15 degrees of dead center.
Because the unique method of firing after top dead center is combined with a very fast moving power piston, the two biggest emission problems for diesel engines (NOx and soot) are eliminated or drastically reduced.