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the part of a lock that is engaged or withdrawn with a key

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According to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), only about half of Americans have dead bolt locks on their homes.
For single or back to back fixing, opposing K-Lock handles on back to back door installations are linked by horizontal tubular cross struts carrying standard Euro profile cylinder locks secured by a steel dead bolt.
The new line will feature all steel construction, dead bolt locks, fire protection to UL standards, and tamper-proof designs and locks.
The panels on both the Frenchwood hinged and Frenchwood outswing patio doors each include a patented multiple-point lock system with two wedge-shaped lead-ins above and below the center dead bolt that, when locked, draw the door panel tightly to the frame.
A large majority of homes have safety features such as smoke detectors (97 percent), dead bolt locks on exterior doors (85 percent), fire extinguishers (83 percent), exterior floodlights or motion detectors (68 percent), and ground fault circuit interrupters near sinks and tubs (62 percent).
Granted, Wyoming has a lot of wind, but how can the wind unlock one dead bolt and a regular lock?"
The four lock types that are used as part of an access control system consist of the magnetic lock, the electric strike, the electric lockset, and the electric dead bolt.
Other than on an occasion like that, you can yuck it up at home safe in the knowledge that the dead bolt's on and, should you get peckish, there's an open 7-11 just a short drunken stagger away.
Grounding these flights of fancy like a dead bolt at the center of the book is the 'specter of human slavery, that wretched blot on the fabric of our history that will not go away
In addition, SCIF emergency exit doors must be constructed of material equivalent in strength and density to that of the main entrance door, be secured with dead bolt panic hardware on the inside, and have no exterior hardware.
In addition to a dead bolt on the outside of the door, which is a distance from the mother's room, there were no smoke detectors in the apartment, police said.
The parents had installed a dead bolt lock on the door that required a key to unlock it from the inside.