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Synonyms for dodo

someone whose style is out of fashion

extinct heavy flightless bird of Mauritius related to pigeons

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If you've dropped your mobile in water and find that it's dead as a dodo, here's an idea that could bring it back to life.
It would give both races a much-needed boost and breathe new life into the Triple Crown, which, as things stand, is as dead as a dodo.
In fact, in other decades one might have used the now common phrase 'Dead as a Dodo' to describe the tourism potential of a former French and British colony, located more than 14 hours' flight from Europe and around six hours from the Gulf region.
THE phrase "dead as a dodo" is proverbial for anything lifeless or extinct.
The only negative was a 90thminute red card for Shaun Geddes who, with the match dead as a dodo, was shown the most pedantic of second yellow cards by the referee.