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Synonyms for deactivate

remove from active military status or reassign

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make inactive

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'Social solutions such as GrabShare, has been launched to help maximize the cars on the road, and be able to service as many passengers as possible, thus, minimizing the effects of the recent 5,000 TNVS deactivation,' she added.
Out of the said number, 5,000 of which were part of the one time big time deactivation done by the company on June 10.
As Ministry of Interior representative Khalil Gebara told Executive in December, the government's ultimate aim is "negative growth" -- more deactivations and fewer refugees coming in because of tighter border controls, so that the number of active refugees is constantly decreasing.
UNHCR declined to provide Executive with data on how many refugees had their status deactivated this way, but said that it was a minority of the total number of deactivations. An emailed statement by UNHCR noted that the cooperation mechanism with General Security on this matter was no longer active at the time of writing.
Checks: Two-thirds of the latest biometric deactivations were caused by contingency staff.
On the issue of the deactivation of the biometric chips, she added: "As the report acknowledges this is one of a number of checks which Border Force officers conduct to verify identity.
Hidden tagging requires a non-contact deactivation process at checkout because even store personnel won't know where the hidden tags are located.
The safety of deactivation also is a concern in videos, which are susceptible to damage.
The inertness of these liners is due to a new deactivation process that passivates the liner and packing so that they are inert to a variety of reactive analytes.