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Synonyms for deacon

a Protestant layman who assists the minister

a cleric ranking just below a priest in Christian churches

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The emphasis on mission and deaconry has been essential for the seminary.
The inner sanctuary (the Holy of Holies) forms the other part of the cathedral including the Baptism Room, the Temple and the Deaconry.
In that period of ad hoc surnames, Lucas Cranach probably derived his name from Chranach, the deaconry of which Kronach ('Crowswater') was part; just as Philipp Schwarzerd (black earth) translated his name into Greek as Melanchthon, and Johannes Speissheimer from Schweinfurt called himself Cuspinian.
Each new Cardinal in order of their creation then approached the Pope and knelt before him to receive the red biretta and to be assigned a titular Church or deaconry.
Not that they denied the reality of possession altogether: in the same year one woman appeared on the books of the deaconry as receiving alms because she was "being assaulted by Satan."(27) Nevertheless, Bergerus's activities clearly made his colleagues in Utrecht more outspokenly skeptical about possession than they would have been otherwise.(28)