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sell (art works) from a collection, especially in order to raise money for the purchase of other art works

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However a body of trustees or a local authority determined to deaccession armed with advice from the 21st century equivalent to Sir Abraham, and invoking 'altered circumstances', will usually succeed in plans to sell.
The show highlighted the past and future of fashion through original pieces by current Cornell fashion design students and historical garments recently deaccessioned from the collection.
Every institution's collection and situation is different, and during the CI-CCI validation process, Drake University discovered that hundreds of volumes in their B and C call number ranges that had been previously deaccessioned were inadvertently included in the SCS data.
This paper will use citation studies, studies on information seeking behavior, book format preferences and book format use (print versus electronic) to draw conclusions concerning deaccession of print books in business, science, and interdisciplinary studies in academic libraries.
(7) Another 182 individuals have been formally deaccessioned from the state collections and await reburial, with 262 Ancestors provenanced to Victoria yet to be claimed.
acquired without restriction against sale, (63) deaccession to refine
Aristotle, who devoted two of the ten books of his Ethics to the moral complexities of friendship, discussed very sensitively the reasons that might necessitate ending one; being required to deaccession at Facebook's 5000-"friend" limit, or being bothered by a cyber-stalking "friend," was not among them.
Some collections, most notably those at the national and provincial museum level, have strict protocols for accession, and equally important, deaccession, of specimens.
While museums are usually able to deaccession objects, the opposition to such acts is often considerable, although the arguments for the opposition are often weak.
The records thus produced, it will shortly be discovered, are going to be useful in determining what gets used: materials that don't get used are going to be particularly likely candidates for deaccession." (17) But to the bibliographer, popularity and significance are not synonymous.
The word deaccession is one of those bureaucratic coinages whose chief purpose is verbal obfuscation.
museums appear to forbid deaccession: public museums may give long-term
Bra's decision to leave his work and legacy to the municipal library at Douai, was, as De Caso emphasizes, a canny one because, unlike the French museums, libraries could hot deaccession gifts.
(327) When transferring control or custody, the federal agency or museum must ensure that the human remains and cultural items are deaccessioned according to federal agency or museum procedures, including assigning deaccession numbers, updating accession and catalogue records, completing a deaccession form, and filing all documentation in the accession or optional deaccession file.
For example, museums register accession (acquisition) and deaccession events.