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Dutch botanist who rediscovered Mendel's laws and developed the mutation theory of evolution (1848-1935)

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Devries as Vice President for Manufacturing is particularly important because Thunder Energies recently signed an exclusive distributor agreement with a well-established Chinese Representation Agency that will offer our Directional Neutron Source throughout Asia.
As the regional nominee, DeVries will advance on to join other regional nominees from across the nation to be considered for the 2018 Newell Award National Athletic Trainer of the Year, which will be announced in the spring of 2018.
DeVries joined ADT in May 2016 from Allstate, where he last served as the Executive Vice President, Allstate Brand Operations, responsible for leading a team of over 7,000 people.
Such a slowdown is consistent with the projected effects of anthropogenic climate change, where warming and freshening of the surface ocean from melting ice caps leads to weaker overturning circulation, but over the time periods we studied, it's not possible to say whether the slowdown is related to natural climate variability or to climate change caused by human activity," explains DeVries.
DeVries will therefore be nominated as a member of the Supervisory Board during the next General Meeting of Shareholders.
Antonio Devries, a music promoter, said: "I wrote Hopeful and it is a story of the struggles I've faced in my life.
Renew Financial was founded in 2008 by Cisco DeVries, who brought together a multidisciplinary team of experts in finance, technology, operations and government policy to innovate the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing model.
DeVries, is that while secular models talk about spiritual growth and a higher power of one's own understanding, "Our higher power we see as our Lord Jesus Christ.
We saw lots of visitors and lots of X Factor fans turn up to see Joey Devries from Overload Generation switching them on.
Bars and Melody, aka Leondre Devries and |Charlie Lenehan, the young duo that rapped their way into the Britain's Got Talent final T sign copies of their CD at HMV at Merry Hill
DeVries had been involved in fraudulent activities since 2001, after her credit card company turned down her request for additional credit.
Catherine DeVries, whose lesbian show led to the arrest of Anna Gristina, was given no jail and no probation by a Manhattan judge.
Catherine Devries, whose girl-on-girl performance for an undercover cop at a brothel led to Gristina's arrest, was sentenced by Manhattan Supreme Court.
The contribution of his theories regarding sociomoral and cognitive development are of specific focus in this second edition of DeVries and Zan's coauthored popular text, Moral Classrooms, Moral Children.
deVries present an introductory textbook based on deVries' classic Physiology of Exercise for Physical Education, Athletics, and Exercise Science.