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make or become free of frost or ice

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Avoid de-icers by putting down coarse sand on walkways.
Through their proprietary Goodrich Estane surface material, UTC Aerospace Systems' pneumatic de-icers are specially formulated to provide greater resistance to cold cracking, ozone, UV and aircraft fluids compared to traditional de-icers.
The only time he used a spray can and scraper was when he was bought a de-icer kit for Christmas once.
During cold weather, using de-icers on outside areas like parking lots and sidewalks can reduce slips, trips, and falls.
The 1990s, then, saw it launch a successful runway de-icer, and today it exports its products to more than 60 countries on five continents.
This seems to be a curious conclusion given that all four workers that tragic morning were not in compliance with safety policies, the evidence was that the deceased worker occasionally did not harness up for the first de-icing, that the pair of de-icers deliberately did not report each other, and the one time that any supervisor admitted to having observed Mr.
However, it is often present in cleaning liquids and it can also be found in aerosol de-icers.
to create a mixed winter pallet display showcasing their Prestone[R] Windshield De-Icer products for Walmart stores.
If you must resort to a chemical de-icer, the least harmful products contain calcium magnesium acetate or potassium chloride rather than sodium chloride or rock salt.
Senior vet Chris Wright said yesterday: "Dogs and cats can be attracted to the sweet taste of a chemical called ethylene glycol used in anti-freeze, screen wash and de-icers. Pets have been known to willingly lap up the liquid, despite the potentially fatal consequences.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), using de-icers properly can cut down on the amount applied overall and improve road conditions.
In Norway, temperatures dropped so low that conventional de-icers were ineffective.
As elementary as that sounds, even if the roads have been cleared and treated with de-icers, my temptation to speed up is tempered by the knowledge that overlooked areas, especially along the sides of the road, or rapidly changing warm to cold temperatures, can set the stage for spinning out of control.
In addition to the products on display, JBT AeroTech will have presentations available featuring environmentally friendly push back tractors, passenger stairs, transporters, cargo loader conversion kits and de-icers as well as panel discussions on the regulatory environment, electric product performance and alternative fuel options.