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make or become free of frost or ice

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* If snow and ice are already covering your walkway, shovel and remove as much frozen stuff as possible before applying the de-icer.
Before adding road salt as a third possible treatment for icy highways, ODOT had two options in Lane County - magnesium chloride, a liquid de-icer that has a salt component, and crushed rock.
LNT Solutions has secured the contract to supply Leeds Bradford International Airport (IATA LBA) with its GENS runway de-icer through a competitive tender process.
This can happen even if the de-icer is not being used because the module is connected to DC power whenever the vehicle is running.
Naiker was working as part of two Servisair de-icing teams from modular de-icer trucks in an open area on the tarmac.
to create a mixed winter pallet display showcasing their Prestone[R] Windshield De-Icer products for Walmart stores.
If you must resort to a chemical de-icer, the least harmful products contain calcium magnesium acetate or potassium chloride rather than sodium chloride or rock salt.
4) Happy Paws Liquid Ice Melt ($13.95/gallon), available from Amazon, is an animal-safe anti-icer and de-icer that is harmless if accidentally ingested by your pet.
In addition, dealers are also offering a range of Autoglym products including de-icer and concentrated screenwash, both available at pounds 3.99.
Swiss speciality chemicals group Clariant (VTX:CLN) on Monday said it had bought US aircraft de-icing and anti-icing fluids producer Octagon Process, in a move to expand its portfolio of green de-icing technologies and its presence in the North American aviation de-icer market.
However, Belgain media reports said shortage of de-icer for aircrafts
Motorists can expect to need their window scrapers and de-icer by Wednesday morning depending on how low the winds drive temperatures and the amount of moisture in the air.
WELL, the time has come again to check the anti-freeze and buy de-icer.
Highway Superintendent Ken Pizzetti told the Board of Selectmen Monday night the town will experiment with a different kind of salt treatment on the roads this winter, an amalgam of several chemicals called De-icer that has been used in many Midwest states, as well as New York and Connecticut.