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deprive of energy

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Figure 2 illustrates the network of negative relational energy (de-energizing connections) among supervisors and staff in a petrochemical company.
The record does not conclusively establish whether the instructions put Sierra Rock on notice that de-energizing the panel via the internal breaker switches violated [sections] 56.12017," said the Commission.
After de-energizing the disconnect for the bridge cranes, they installed their individual safety locks in the proper location but again didn't perform the initial voltage check.
Unfortunately, many electricians believe that de-energizing circuits is not necessary, too difficult to coordinate, or will jeopardize the mission.
Reducing turbulence and de-energizing the water flow also reduces odor.
Say farewell to the de-energizing tasks of dealing with penmanship, incomplete orders and unclear verbal commands.
De-energizing the solenoid allows both the pilot control and the main spool to return to their neutral positions.
De-energizing equipment, including locking and tagging out, is the best worker protection there is.
At this point, the owner became angry and aggressively reached inside the panel and flipped the breaker switches without de-energizing the panel.
If your unit does have capacitors, follow the manufacturer's directions for de-energizing the capacitor before beginning any work on the charger.
Upon his return, he assured Jim he would do his best to alter his behavior so that his answers to the questions Jim had asked would be "Yes." He insisted he wanted to be part of Jim's project, but then asked a significant question: "In the time I've been at XYZ I've had several annual performance reviews--in none of these has it ever been mentioned that I had a de-energizing effect on the group with which I was working.