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deprive of energy

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Of course, there were some de-energizing connections in the energized organization, and some energizing connections in the de-energized organization.
Plug load energy savings are accomplished when devices are de-energized or transitioned into a low-power state when not in use, which for many instances, can be determined by whether or not the occupant is in the vicinity of the device.
The CDI failed to make sure that the technician had the proper PPE (rubber insulating gloves, insulated floor mat and face shield) because he assumed the switch was de-energized. Wearing the PPE would have prevented the electric shock to his finger.
Moreover, the use of rooftop solar panels presents additional firefighting challenges, as they cannot readily be de-energized, even after the primary electrical power to the building has been shut down.
A de-energized control cable that one of the workers was removing came into contact with a 480-volt energized panel.
The new design provides a solution for applications in which a specific stop position is desired when the coil is de-energized. Features include:
How will our high-carbon patterns of life be restructured in a de-energized world?
When the device was de-energized, viscosity, pump station power requirements, and pressure drop returned to baseline values after approximately 11 hours.
Also, prior to maintenance, electrical equipment had not been de-energized and employees had not been supplied with insulated tools and equipment.
The bypass/isolation switch also functions as a manually operated backup transfer switch when the unit's ATS is disabled or de-energized. With the bypass/isolation switch above the ATS, the vertical space-saving design reduces the unit's footprint.
3) If a fluorescent light fixture has an emergency battery/ballast then the feeder circuit will not be completely de-energized simply by opening the local switch, the feeder circuit should be secured and internal battery enable switch opened to replace the starter.
It would also require cab ventilation fans for elevators without air conditioning to not consume more than 0.7 W*s/L at maximum speed; when stopped and unoccupied, with the door closed for more than 15 minutes, cab interior lighting and ventilation would be de-energized until required again for operation.
OSHA found that the crane was being operated within 10 feet of the power line, which had not been de-energized beforehand, as required.
When the solenoid is de-energized (after a dwell time that allows a few sheets to gather on top of the tag), the cylinder which fed the stock out retracts, cutting the tag off.
The valves can be fully opened and closed while de-energized, either under pressure or not.