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Synonyms for de-emphasize

to make less emphatic or obvious

Synonyms for de-emphasize

reduce the emphasis

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The Google Chrome team's decision to de-emphasize Flash starting next month comes after Apple's browser Safari and Microsoft's browser Edge confirmed that they are already moving away from Flash.
Kmart had begun to de-emphasize the variety store format back in the early 1960s, when it realized the greater growth potential offered by its discount stores.
Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, Ont., says it will de-emphasize production of large injection presses in order to concentrate on its core packaging markets, including PET preforms, closures, and thin-wall products.
The second annual issue will be a compendium of articles that focus on the legal side of law and economics, an approach that is intended to de-emphasize technical mathematics, while still providing access to economic insights about legal and policy issues.
Our cover story looks at China's new history textbooks, which de-emphasize Communism, and Mao himself, in flavor of capitalist icons like Bill Gates and J.P.
What EBM attempts is to de-emphasize intuition, unsystematic clinical experience, and pathophysiologic rationale as sufficient grounds for all clinical decision making.
The board revised state science standards a year later to de-emphasize evolution's significance.
In spite of any potential regulatory changes to de-emphasize the role of waiver as part of "cooperation" or a necessity in satisfying auditors, is the "culture of waiver" here to stay?
For example, campwide games of capture the flag are great fun, but to de-emphasize competition, the ending score of all games is "fun to fun." Even terms that imply competition are avoided.
At the time of the divesture, Reuben Mark, Colgate's chairman and CEO said, "The sale of these detergent brands is an important part of Colgate's strategy to de-emphasize detergents while focusing on our high margin, fast-growing oral, personal and pet care businesses."
One cannot de-emphasize or minimize the usefulness of books, journal articles, slides, videos, and pictures about a country; however, it is my contention that to give a broader understanding of a society, it is also necessary that one spend some time in that society.
And like many other lovers of the genre, I trace the decline in interest directly to the trend in the past several decades to de-emphasize and often remove music education from our schools.
Another bright spot for Acxiom was 25 percent year-over-year revenue growth in the company's IT management services segment, a part of the business ValueAct has said it would de-emphasize if it acquired Acxiom.
Meanwhile, a recent email poll of more than 1,000 science educators conducted by the National Science Teachers Association found that 31 percent of respondents "feel pressured to include creationism, intelligent design or other alternatives to evolution in their science classroom." In addition, 30 percent say they "feel pushed to de-emphasize or omit evolution or evolution-related topics from their curriculum."
It is also in accord with the DoD doctrinal changes that de-emphasize Service "ownership" and embrace joint warfighting concepts.