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Irish statesman (born in the United States)

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Speaking in a 1966 Kennedy Library interview at Aras an Uachtarain, when De Valera was 83, he said he was devastated by the killing.
De Valera was unquestionably socially conservative.
Eamon de Valera, who shaped 20thcentury Ireland, embodied paradoxes himself.
In a letter to Sir Josiah Stamp dated ten days after the lecture, Keynes explained that he inserted a passage warning of protectionism in the Irish context in order to not appear to be giving encouragement to any 'foolish things' that de Valera might consider (p.
He urged the City Council to give an official welcome to de Valera, but that was the era when there was a lot of negative feeling about the Irish and their politics, and the Council voted, 13 to 8, not to do so.
Although de Valera claimed to maintain a neutral stance throughout the war, with Hitler invading other neutral countries and bombs dropping on Dublin, the Irish government worked alongside Britain to protect Ireland from attack or invasion.
In 1938, as Taoiseach (prime minister), Eamon de Valera induced the British government to give up its naval rights in the Irish treaty ports, retained by the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty.
1932: Eamon de Valera became president of the Irish Free State.
Roiste would not lie--and investigative journalist Mullan examines military documents leading to his 'retirement' in 1969 by President de Valera. Collections strong in Irish history and politics will find this absorbing.
The Enchanted Lake: Classic Irish Fairy Stories by Sinead de Valera is a fun and engaging anthology of age-old Irish folktales and fairy legends.
1932 - Eamon de Valera became president of the Irish Free State.