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United States dancer and choreographer who introduced formal dance to a wide audience (1905-1993)

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De Mille was still alive in 1992, when director Nicholas Hytner decided to revive the show for the Royal National Theatre in London and tapped The Royal Ballet's Sir Kenneth MacMillan to choreograph.
de Mille Womens Diagnostic Center and NBCF, and it will allow the organizations to meet their joint commitment to providing breast cancer screenings and prevention services to community members in greatest need.
Watch your kneecaps as you move--they should be like headlights pointing forward, not cross-eyed or pointing out," advises de Mille.
If you keep your head lined up over your shoulders, and your shoulders lined up with your hips, knees and ankles, you're in balance," de Mille explains.
But finally after several months of clandestine courtship, Quinn was asked to dinner at the De Mille mansion.
Judge de Mille said he did not want to differentiate in sentencing them.
FILM mogul Cecil B De Mille boasted the largest private collection .
Por anadidura, y como un testimonio del apego a sus propios objetivos artisticos, la compania ofrecio el remontaje de un clasico del ballet estadunidense: Rodeo, or the Courting at Burnt Ranch, de Agnes de Mille.
de Mille to hit Indiana Jones' Temple of Doom somewhere in darkest Peru.
While a student at Acadia College, De Mille traveled extensively in Europe, and scenes of Italy became settings for many of his novels.
Conversations with Martha were like someone running around the house opening windows," Agnes de Mille writes in Martha: The Life and Works of Martha Graham:
With his brother William, De Mille wrote and produced two plays, The Genius (1906) and The Royal Mounted (1908), and is credited with help on David Belasco's <IR> THE RETURN OF PETER GRIMM </IR> (1911).
De Mille began his long association with Hollywood when he went there in 1913 and directed The Squaw Man (1914), one of the first feature - length movies ever made.
de Mille Women's Diagnostic Center of Dallas, TX now offers appropriate patients an examination with the Aurora(R) 1.
Le 1er Forum Tunisie-France, sur le theme "Reussir ensemble aujourd'hui et demain", se tiendra le jeudi 1er fevrier 2018, au Palais des congres de Tunis, en presence de plus de mille participants.