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in a daze


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Where, he was asking himself dazedly, where in this world's maze of people and places, where in this wilderness of stars and philosophies, where is Home?
He sat like that in the armchair, with a lump in his throat, looking dazedly into the mirror, until his wife lost patience and summoned him to the dinner table.
As Palmer and his wife come dazedly out of their destroyed house to answer questions asked by gathering policemen, a young man in a cap and knickers shows up and begins to pick through the debris.
John's Mercy Hospital, where I was born, a nurse was out in the parking lot, taking pictures and looking dazedly around.
Against her will she had come to the surface, and found herself half out of the picture, looking, a little dazedly, as if at unreal things, at Mr.
Only to hear your uncle dazedly mumble that he did not bother to take a policy because the insurance company's office was too far away and he did not trust the agent.
Bronyakin splashed down to his waist, and flailed dazedly for a moment, grasping for his gear.
The "Vince" is a little red-brick Colonial Williamsburg-looking pavilion, whose parking lot this midnight is hopping with cars, tour buses, motor homes, pickups--all my adversaries from the turnpike--their passengers and drivers trooping dazedly inside through a scattering of sea gulls and under the woozy orange lights, toting diaper bags, thermoses and in-car trash receptacles, their minds fixed on sacks of Roy Rogers burgers, Giants novelty items, joke condoms, with a quick exit peep at the Vince memorabilia collection from the great man's glory, days on the "Six Blocks of Granite," later as win-or-die Packer headman and later still as elder statesman of the resurgent Skins (when pride still mattered).
Thus Yan'ni, made to give up her studies, takes refuge underneath the mosquito netting around her and Muyu's bed, dazedly munching on veggies or jotting obsessive notes on the walls without ever emerging from the netting's folds.
As her patient briefly opened her eyes and looked dazedly around the room, Saar quickly reassured her, "It's OK, Mamie.
As the "former NFL cheerleader and beauty queen looking to fall in love with the perfect guy" swans a bit dazedly through dm Palm Springs mansion in which she will soon undertake the task of selecting Mr.
Though secondary deverbal derivation in Middle English was attested rather seldom its productivity from past participle and passive modal adjectives exceeded that from present participle and deverbal adjective: advise 1297, advised 1325 (8), advisedly 1375 (15), advisedness 1400 (16); note 1225, notable 1340 (7), notably 1380 (13), notability 1380 (14); daze 1325, dazed 1325 (8), dazedly 1300 (15), dazedness 1340 (16); blame 1200, blameful 1386 (5), blamefully 1400 (9), blamefulness 1400 (10); sigh 1300, sighing 1440 (6), sighingly 1402 (11), sighingness* 1300 (12) There were pairs of secondary deverbatives that never got combined in Middle English.
Dizzily and dazedly staggering off, we concluded that the effects were far too close to reality for comfort--at least for anyone over 15.
Some climb into cars and drive away; others walk dazedly with faces cast upward, as if they might be seeing the world outside for the first time.