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Synonyms for dazed

Synonyms for dazed

in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock

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stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion)

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Staff at the shop reported that the 47-year-old appeared to be in a dazed state.
Dan Biggar "Players must take some responsibility by being honest with medical staff and admitting to feeling dizzy, nauseous, or dazed, for example.
Sexton appeared dazed on leaving the Stade de France field and Ireland coach Joe Schmidt said later the No.
The 'spiritual sequel' to coming-of-age classic Dazed & Confused sees the Boyhood director fix his gaze on an 80s college and finds ritual initiations, dick jokes and raging hormones in abundance
The midfielder was taken off in the first half feeling dazed after being caught by Moussa Dembele's elbow during Villa's defeat at Tottenham on Monday night.
In cooperation with Dazed Magazine, Kendall has now appeared in a short film where she reads out loud from a burn book about herself just like the one featured in the teen cult film "Mean Girls.
LADY GAGA lefefeft A onlookers dazed and confused when she stepped out in another of her simply un-fur-gettable outfits.
Halfpenny's initial tackle on the England and Saracens wing left him dazed, before centre Jonathan Davies completed a heroic defensive job and stopped Strettle from touching down.
Kate, 37, started off fairly slowly at Jefferson Hack's Dazed and Confused 20th anniversary party, before heading off to a restaurant where she left with artist Peter Blake, taking a glass of plonk for the road.
IN THE boxing ring, a sucker punch is a devastating, unexpected blow that sends an unwary opponent sprawling, dazed and confused.
IF YOU read the four Gospel accounts of what happened on Easter Day, you come away a little dazed but inspired if you have imagination.
1 : to stun by or as if by a blow <She was dazed by all the questions.
George Galloway was left dazed and bruised yesterday after being pelted with a rubber stress ball while out campaigning.
GEORGE Galloway was left dazed and bruised yesterday, after being pelted with a rubber stress ball while out campaigning.