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any of numerous perennials having tuberous roots and long narrow bladelike leaves and usually yellow lily-like flowers that bloom for only a day

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Kevin, co-owner of Smokey's daylily Gardens explained: “Nobody can ship a fan to your door more cost effectively than we can, regardless if it's a $0.
From Picayune to Corinth, there are official daylily display gardens registered by the American Hemerocallis Society in just about every part of the state.
It's important to correctly identify daylily shoots as they resemble some very poisonous plants that grow in similar habitats.
On top of each slice, place a flesh daylily petal arranged with the curve upward.
They compared American daylily rust specimens with P.
In its quest for the title of National Daylily Capital, Lumberton received support from Governor James Hunt, North Carolina Representatives, and the North Carolina Department of Travel & Tourism and Commerce.
On his knees in the daylily garden, he has paused, trowel in hand, and straightened his back.
Divide perennials such as daylily and yarrow, then plant in bare spots in the garden.
Don't miss this one-day-only tour of the Daylily Gardens, a beautiful area accredited by the American Hemerocallis Society.
It looks a little like a daylily as it leafs in early spring but has 1- to 1A'-inch blue to purple flowers with a more floppy habit than daylilies.
and tuberous daylily in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest (daylily tubers are edible, unlike other lilies, which are poisonous; some daylilies are more tuberous than others.
2002, Winnipeg Free Press) was the inspiration for the Beausejour Daylily Gardens.
Daylily: The tight green buds of the daylily, if harvested very young, can be cooked and eaten like green beans.
Wants: peony, bee balm, any old roses, daylily (not orange), white lilac, "peter" peppers, pink daffodil, sugar maple tree