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Shilling, "Evaluation of factors that influence Benghal dayflower (Commelina benghalensis) seed germination and emergence," Weed Science, vol.
Homonojirimycin, an alkaloid from dayflower inhibits the growth of influenza A virus in vitro.
Take an even closer look at a dayflower. Zoom in on the flower, and below the two prominent, azure petals you'll see a third petal, pale compared to the other two and much smaller.
Floral Organogenesis and The developmental basis for pollinator deception in the Asiatic dayflower Commelina communis (Commelinaceae).
In 1993, Seemar gained a slice of history when he became the first UAE trainer to win a race in Europe, when Dayflower won the Middleton Stakes at York.
John's-wort 0.09 Family Laminaceae Mint Family 0.05 Clinopodium arkansanum Limestone Calamint 0.05 Family Gentianceae Gentian Family 0.05 Family Commelinaceae Spiderwort Family 0.02 Commelina erecta Whitemouth Dayflower 0.02 Unidentified or bare 11.47 TABLE 2.--Soil types of known Geomys bursarius ozarkensis locations in Izard County, Arkansas Soil type Boden gravelly sandy loam, 3 to 8% slopes Boden gravelly sandy loam, 8 to 20% slopes Estate-Portian-Moko association, rolling Estate-Portian-Moko association, steep Peridge silt loam, 3 to 8% slopes Portia sandy loam, 3 to 8% slopes, eroded Portia sandy loam, 8 to 12% slopes, eroded Sturkie silt loam, occassionally flooded Wideman fine sand, frequently flooded Wideman fine sandy loam, 0 to 3% slopes
The blue of the dayflower, Commelina, comes from a complex formed by magnesium, anthocyanin and flavone, a team reported last year.
A little later in the season, one can find persistent greens like tangy sorrel; spicy cress; Asiatic dayflower; and succulent, paddle-shaped purslane growing in lawns not laced with pesticides through the summer.
Alien plants such as porcelainberry (Ampelopsis brevipedunculata), mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and Asiatic dayflower (Commelina communis) have run rampant in meadows throughout the city, making it virtually impossible for native species to keep a toe-hold.
At the same time that weeds like medusahead are commanding ARS scientists' attention in the western United States, agency colleagues in the Southeast tangle with Bengal dayflower, also known as "tropical spiderwort," a troublesome newcomer to cottonfields there.
26345 Dayflower Boulevard, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543-6262
Commelina erecta (erect dayflower) is a species native to much of the eastern and southern U.S.
The markers that identify these flowers read: Thimbleberry, Swordfern, Creeping Dayflower, and Nutgrass.
In another report, it was claimed that the Commelina Diffusa, commonly known as the climbing dayflower, can be used in the treatment of wounds.