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Synonyms for daydreamer

someone who indulges in idle or absentminded daydreaming

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In the classroom, a teacher may wonder if a child is a daydreamer or has ADHD.
gt;4 The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty BEN Stiller plays the daydreamer who makes up a fantasy world but has to take real action.
Ice Queen will join the six additional kits currently offered in the Mirabella Bride collection--Bohemian, Daydreamer, Sentimental, The Sophisticate, City Chic and Brazen Beauty.
Bohemian joins the five kits already offered in the Mirabella Bride collection, which include: Daydreamer, Sentimental, The Sophisticate, City Chic and Brazen Beauty.
The Daydreamer Desk is topped with a mattress, which has a small wooden block cut into it to provide a stable area for a notepad or coffee cup, the Daily Mail reported.
But don't think because she is now a nightwear designer, the ex- sandwich superstar has become a daydreamer.
Is A Daydreamer (At Night), The Stand, Glasgow Quietly intelligent, warming comedy from the awardwinning master storyteller.
For a daydreamer who hoed beans by the pond, the man sure knew the news biz.
Twenty-two-year-old Libby, supermarket clerk in a dying rural western town and a daydreamer with an artist's eye, convinces her pregnant younger sister, Tess, not to have an abortion by promising that she herself will raise the child (a promise she does not expect to have to keep).
His inspiration for one track, Daydreamer, came from a young African girl he once met.
If I can get away with doing something other than reading manuscripts, I am alternately a voracious reader of magazines and fiction and a champion daydreamer.
Christine Cody, who plays Hollywood- obsessed daydreamer Mildred Wild, dances with her husband (Lawrence Larson) in the Very Little Theatre's "The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild.
If he's a daydreamer, give him more time in the mornings.
When asked in September about Jawara's reported intentions to return and contest the elections, Jammeh told West Africa magazine: "He is a daydreamer.