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a nursery for the supervision of preschool children while the parents work

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The estate is home to hundreds of flower farmworkers and has many daycare centres run by elderly women.
On Thursday, Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani decided to establish a daycare centre on the Balochistan Assembly premises to provide women parliamentarians the facility to bring their children to work.
Under these business initiatives, the company is enhancing its service offering and is bringing a new product group to the market, namely movable prefabricated daycare centres for rent.
An application to open the licensed doggy daycare centre, called Smoggie Doggie Daycare, was submitted to Middlesbrough Council on November 23 .
She said that the performance of daycare centres, training of the staff and available facilities were also being monitored.
Council bosses said pest control officers were beginning a thorough clean of Bensham Grove Day Nursery and 4Children Daycare Centre in Gateshead.
Most participants from Daycare Centre 1 wanted information with regard to tantrums, and participants from both Daycare Centres 1 and 2 expressed specific concerns about their children's communication skills or behaviour.
Stakevica G., Lesinskis A., 2011, Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Comfort in Latvian Daycare Centres, Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University
At least 71 children studying in a Quebec daycare centre were rushed to a hospital after getting poisoned from a carbon monoxide leak.
Summary: A fire at a daycare centre in northern Mexico has killed at least 29 children.
Mary McDermott was last seen at a daycare centre she attends at Dublin's Peamont Hospital on Tuesday evening.
The Links Daycare Centre, based at Nathaniel Newton School, in Victoria Road, Hartshill, was honoured for its outstanding achievement in meeting the needs of staff, parents and children.
To the north is a medical station, nursery and daycare centre; to the south, a curve of thatched pavilions with workshops, theatre, offices and classrooms.
QUETTA -- Women parliamentarians can now bring along their children to the assembly as the provincial government has decided to set up a daycare centre on the premises of the legislature.
During a surprise visit to a model daycare centre at Primary and Secondary Healthcare here, she said that daycare centres would be established all over the province.