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a ledger in which transactions have been recorded as they occurred

an accounting journal as a physical object


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Books of Fate and Popular Culture in Early China: The Daybook Manuscripts of the Warring States, Qin, and Han
(16) The ruled format and margins of daybooks provided Mohamedi with an existing framework to work within and modify.
I also know that after he has that opportunity it will be helpful for him to write in his daybook about this experience and revisit the pumpkin seeds as he tries his new technique.
(57) The gallery daybooks indicate that Shaskan, whose office was in the same building as Shulman's, had introduced him to the gallery; Jewish social networks helped the gallery to sell art.
I am not kidding about this: you will be a daybook wizard in very little time.
Izenberg turns away from the poems, then, to Oppen's daybooks, where he finds an inaudible-disclosive "undersong" that enacts "the determination to listen" in place of expression and assertion.
Examining the transaction ledgers and daybooks of general stores in late-19th-century Texas and neighboring Indian Territory, English (history, U.
His daybooks, accounts, and bar chits have much to tell us about lifestyles and sociability in a city shared by several ethnic communities, and his activities reveal the dual nature of the urban economy.
I have drawn upon previously underused sources such as tax lists, probate records, land deeds, daybooks and ledgers in an attempt to locate them within colonial New York.
This book, as the author explains, "is a little hard to characterize or categorize." Neither a conventional biography nor a monograph on either artist, it stresses "those moments when the lives of Weston and Chariot, and those close to them, came together or intersected." The narrative devolves largely around correspondence between the two men, augmented by Weston's well-known "daybooks" and Chariot's pocket diaries.
Analyzing Bailey's personal writings (daybooks, workbooks, and letters), Nipps demonstrates Bailey's adept negotiation of print culture, politics, and gender.
CCOE, in Cleveland, distributed 2004 OWH daybooks to community groups including incarcerated women.
Oppen writes somewhere in his Daybooks that Robert Creeley was ultimately a mannerist, (5) which isn't true, though I understand that to a mind as absolute as Oppen's, any poem whose first surface calls attention to its construction is ultimately trivial given the reality of the derogated earth and its inhabitants.
His Daybooks are rife with references to his reading enthusiasms, as in this entry dated April 29, 1924:
Daybooks of Discovery: Nature Diaries in Britain, 1770-1870.