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Israeli general and statesman (1915-1981)


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interest that a judge may have in a case, the codes give dayanim
Dayanim are disqualified from deciding cases involving their close
(170) Some authorities even disqualify dayanim to whom a
therefore obligates dayanim to recuse themselves from judging matters
The Talmud interprets this verse as requiring dayanim to learn about a
Dayanim must maintain high standards of personal integrity in their
(195) Dayanim affirm their commitment to the halacha and their humble
focuses on what batei din and dayanim owe litigants rather than on what
Nelson Rose disagrees with Dayanim's reading of the UIGEA, saying "the only thing this statute did is it created a new federal crime of being in a gambling business and accepting money for an unlawful Internet gambling transaction." Until the Justice Department tries to prosecute someone with no involvement in sports betting for violating the UIGEA, it won't be clear who's right.
"This is a very dangerous precedent" says attorney Behnam Dayanim,"because it sets the stage for that kind of activity, and to the extent we object we would be subject to charges of hypocrisy"
Behnam Dayanim is a partner in the Washington, DC, office of Paul Hastings, where he chairs the firm's Advertising, Marketing and Promotions practice.
The dayanim justified their unprecedented decision to jail her by pointing to the woman's behavior, which they said indicated she wanted to blackmail her husband, using her power not to agree to the divorce as a means to extort money.