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workers who work during the day (as 8 a


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The tug-of-war between light and dark builds to a cliffhanger finale that brilliantly sets up the next film in the trilogy, Day Watch.
Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov helmed NIGHT WATCH and DAY WATCH.
And the soldiers of Darkness are the Day Watch - with people free to choose whether to be good or evil.
The tug-of-war between light and dark builds to a cliff-hanger finale that brilliantly sets up the next film, Day Watch.
3 minutes, recorded during the day watch in the Foothill Division.
The idea behind it is certainly well-intended, but I'm concerned about whether or not we have enough supervisors to fill all these new positions on the night watch and the day watch.
When you pull people off day watch and put them on nights, it leaves voids in the days.
Racetrack atmosphere has lost much of its electricity as more than half of the fans on the average day watch on television at the wagering satellites that have come online in the past decade.
There are sequels, Day Watch and Twilight Watch, on the way, as this was a huge hit, so if you missed this in the movies or on DVD, then it's a good time to catch up.
To enforce the truce, the Light Others agreed to patrol the night (on NightWatch) and forces allied with the Darkness agreed to patrol the day (on Day Watch.
The Company also announced that NASDAQ informed the Company that it had not met NASDAQ's minimum bid listing requirement for its common stock and was subject to delisting effective September 30, 1998 if the Company did not meet NASDAQ listing requirements during the 90 day watch period.
When I read the news about a boy gunned down in the street by thugs, and the very same day watch as an on-duty police officer spends his time pulling over hard- working citizens for minor traffic offenses, it really just clarifies where our leadership places its priorities.
During the day watch Monday, the Foothill Division responded to three anthrax calls, said Sgt.
The day watch shift routinely is short because that's a shift where officers get subpoenaed to court.