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workers who work during the day (as 8 a


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Competition will likely be fiercer, however, this time around as producers have learned the lesson of "Day Watch's" success--and another local pic, actioner "Heat," is following the same path.
The tug-of-war between light and dark builds to a cliffhanger finale that brilliantly sets up the next film in the trilogy, Day Watch.
"Day Watch" opens with historical scenes from Central Asia that introduce a key plot element--the "chalk of fate," a magic device that can reverse the path of events and allows hero Anton Gorodetsky to avert an apocalypse that lays waste to a vividly depicted contemporary Moscow.
International release of "Day Watch" will come through Fox Searchlight, which has scored more than $15 million with its release of "Night Watch" in more than 20 markets, mostly European.
Kim, 44, said: "We weren't too surprised Big Brother's Little Brother wanted to show our clip because there are thousands of people watching us every day." More than 130,000 people each day watch Jack, Kim and their five children Jack, 21, Harry, 19, Jimmy, 18, Charlie, 16, and Melissa, 14..
The tug-of-war between light and dark builds to a cliff-hanger finale that brilliantly sets up the next film, Day Watch.
Based on the best-selling Russian novels of Sergei Lukyanenko (which also includes Day Watch and Dusk Watch) each side has its own underground forces.
It's the second in a trilogy, about a battle in Moscow between two factions of supernaturals - The Night Watch (sort of goodies), who keep the peace, and The Day Watch (sort of baddies), who keep an eye on the Night Watch.
There are sequels, Day Watch and Twilight Watch, on the way, as this was a huge hit, so if you missed this in the movies or on DVD, then it's a good time to catch up.
To enforce the truce, the Light Others agreed to patrol the night (on NightWatch) and forces allied with the Darkness agreed to patrol the day (on Day Watch.)
Grimthorpe reflected on what was an extraordinary day watched by a sell-out crowd at Ascot that included The Queen, plus millions of racing fans across the world.
Punters waiting for their first pint of the day watched as a woman was led out of the traditional pub.
Mansfield Town's Rhys Day watches his shot rebound back off the upright against Wycombe Wanderers
Tom kept up with news on BBC and Sky and on the second day watched comedies.
Former West Ham and Leeds' keeper Mervyn Day watched his Carlisle outfit kicked out of the Cup by Wednesday and then said: "I think they are a decent bet."