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any one of the seven days in a week

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Tuesday is generally the cheapest day of the week to fly.
The most notable of these day of the week effects is a negative stock return on Mondays.
The day of the moon is the least favorite of many people as it is usually the first working day of the week.
Sundays should be a day to relax and enjoy the last of the weekend break but the results show that people are instead spending their Sundays thinking about work for the week ahead, so they are the most dreaded day of the week," the Daily Mail quoted Claire Haigh of Premier Inn, which conducted the study, as saying.
The means and standard deviations of the returns of each day of the week on the IPSA for the overall period and two 34-month sub-periods are contained in Table 4a.
Currently, residents must put out their normal purple bins on one day of the week and their recycling bins on another.
According to the latest Sports Council for Wales survey (2004-05) only 24% of secondary school pupils are physically active for 60 minutes on at least five days of the week and more alarmingly a quarter of secondary school pupils fail to achieve an hour of physical activity on any day of the week, this figure having only increased from 20% since the previous survey in 2001.
WEDNESDAYS are the most depressing day of the week, research has revealed.
TUESDAY is the most productive day of the week, while most workers start to wind down for the weekend at 2pm on a Friday.
Also, with the date falling this year on a Friday, which is traditionally the worst day of the week for accidents, drivers have a double reason to find other forms of transport today to avoid "a calamitous crashing combination", Admiral said.
They explain that Cecchetti's method has a program of set exercises for each day of the week.
The association wants to designate the day after Saturday, December 30 as a kind of limbo day that would not have a day of the week attached to it.
The answer was good, although it was incomplete because he didn't specify what day of the week was Sabbath.
Wednesday is the most popular day of the week in the world to surf the web, according to a report by OneStat.
Based on the 18 National Geography Standards, it features a 15-minute lesson for each day of the week.