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a camp providing care and activities for children during the daytime

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The Gateway Family YMCA offers summer day camp experiences for preschool through grade 11.
At the end of their day camp experience, "all the teenagers involved had made lasting friendships and exchanged email addresses, with the idea of staying in touch over the winter," Macdonnell said.
Day camp directors tended to be a little younger and a little more diverse.
He said the aim of the Republic Day Camp is to provide the cadets an exposure to the rich culture and traditions of our nation and the important events that take place in the National Capital during the run up for Republic Day besides projecting to the nation the cherished ideals and capacity of the cadets of the NCC.
of North Carolina at Asheville), who has administered day camp programs in many settings, describes how to create facility-based day camps for children.
Aa After his first experience with the Innovation Day Camp, Ghalib Hafiz, a volunteer added, "Working with the students was quite rewarding- it was a unique opportunity.
Tumbleweed Day Camp saw a spike in the number of parents who made $500 deposits in December to take advanced of an early-registration discount, said Herb Toplan, assistant executive director.
The camp which opened in July at the Henry Kaufmann Camp Grounds in Wheatley Heights, NY, is the only day camp on the entire East Coast designed for children with cancer.
Grosse Pointe Yacht Club's day camp was divided into two groups--the cute little 5-, 6- and 7-year-olds (they were called Guppies) and our group, the 8- and 9-year-olds, called Minnows.
Jacob Birch, the congregation's youth pastor at the time, approached the session with his vision for a Just For Kids Day Camp.
For younger children, this may range from a few half-days per week at a day camp to several weeks at a sleep-away camp.
Day camp popularity increased by seven percentage points, from 62 percent in 2010 to 69 percent in 2011.
They ended up sending me to a gym camp, a local day camp that focused on outdoor physical activity--archery, horseback riding, swimming, etc.
Summer day camp is available at the Elizabeth Branch, 135 Madison Avenue, Elizabeth, the Five Points Branch, 201 Tucker Avenue, Union and the Rahway Branch, 1564 Irving Street, Rahway.
Earlier this year, several Cub Scout camp directors approached Richards to see if they could use the center for their annual summer day camp.