dawn redwood

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large fast-growing Chinese monoecious tree having flat bright-green deciduous leaves and small globular cones

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He said: "One of the issues is that there are not many dawn redwoods of (great) age because they have only been imported from China since 1941.
Dawn redwood, ginkgo, and sweetgum are among the remarkable tree species that have outlived dinosaurs, survived the Ice Age, and remain unchanged to this day.
Now native only to China, the dawn redwood was the most common sequoia in North America during prehistoric times.
The ETF already has picked an initial list of trees for the honor, including a stand of 100-year-old to 250-year-old oaks on top of Gillespie Butte in north Eugene, a rare Dawn Redwood on the University of Oregon campus, and an 87-foot-tall walnut tree at Ferry Street and East 11th Avenue.
NEIGHBOURS who applied to axe a rare dawn redwood tree which has become too big for a garden in Coventry had to make their case to a visiting group of city councillors today.
Q: I'm looking for detailed "planting for dummies" help for cones-to-seeds metasequoia (dawn redwood).
From China two fossil trees: the dawn redwood and the gingko, enduring and ancient beyond imagining yet amazingly at home on city streets.
Eagle's Nest Country Club offers an 18-hole golf course surrounded by 75 dawn redwoods one of the largest single collections in the country of the majestic trees and sycamores and accented by streams, ponds and bunkers that challenge all levels of golfers.
In fact, we see fall needle drop carried to the extreme in larix (larch) and the dawn redwoods (Metasequoia) that shed all their needles.
Someone I know prefers the look of fields, and had Dawn Redwoods
Boyd had the narrative nailed and after a few short hours among the dawn redwoods and bald cypresses that provided a gorgeous, sun-filtered backdrop, we called it a wrap.
Get close to the dinosaurs in the company of dawn redwoods, a tree that dates to prehistoric times and was thought to be extinct but found alive in China in the 1940s.
There are dragon pines from Japan and Scots pines from Europe, cypress from Central America, larches from Siberia, dawn redwoods from central China.