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a crane-like device (usually one of a pair) for suspending or lowering equipment (as a lifeboat)

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That they did not succeed was due to the lack of a little oil on the ship's davits.
The steward and the black I observed putting stores aboard the captain's gig as it overhung the water from the stern davits.
IMO expert investigations have focused mainly on the complex quick-release hooks that typically suspend enclosed lifeboats from their davits, which are designed to hold tons of mass securely for years at a time
They inspect the home top to bottom & also inspect docks, davits, seawalls, pools, spas, & lawn irrigation systems.
It provides definitions and basic structural design requirements; evaluation and testing methods; and design requirements for davits and davit bases, outriggers, rooftop carriages, tieback anchorages, lifelines and fall-arrest anchorages, fall-restraint systems and anchorages, wind sway protection systems, and platforms.
He added: "The davits which house the boats were aging and remained hand operated.
The contract, signed by Harding and Statoil in July, comprises nine FF1200-lifeboats with nine corresponding LA 1200 SU davits.
The “mother vessel,” barge or platform is outfitted with davits for the daughtercraft and support craft as well as support equipment, including the decompression chamber, gas storage and compressors.
STUART Gilligan has been appointed marine field sales engineer by Outreach, the supplier of Marine Cranes, Davits and Rescue Cranes.
An optional bracket makes for quick and easy attachment of the SRL to tripods and davits.
Water Weights bags can be used to test cranes, davits, derricks, lifeboats, pad eyes, ramps, lifts, link spans, and inaccessible lifting points deemed impossible by any other method.
Welin Lambie, which is a world leader in the design and manufacture of davits, crane-like devices used to launch lifeboats and other craft, is set to almost double the size of its main production facility at Britannia House, in Old Bush Street, Brierley Hill.
A 48-foot porch off the master suite and a 72-foot porch downstairs overlook pool and spa on the bay and a dock with davits and boat hoist.
In other cases, crewmen failed to correctly handle steadying lines, or they didn't do repairs or PMS on the davits as required.
Overall, however, its power to suspend criticism was due to the intelligent and sensitive approach of conductor Lyn Davits who kept it all in beautiful scale.