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formerly, the eldest son of the King of France and direct heir to the throne

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The upper Dauphin County area has embraced us for the last 150 years and has contributed greatly to our continued growth and success.
beaucoup moins que] Le pays (l'Algerie) a devant lui une occasion exceptionnelle de se concentrer sur la mise en œuvre de ces reformes essentielles et de refaconner ainsi son economie sur un modele plus perenne [beaucoup plus grand que], a note Dauphin qui a estime que l'Algerie pouvait [beaucoup moins que] encore reduire sa dependance a l'egard des recettes petrolieres et diversifier son economie [beaucoup plus grand que].
This consultation relates to the setting up of avionics equipment to the standards of ICAO type aircraft Dauphin SA 365 Puma SA 330 N and Ba DGA Flight Testing.
Dauphin is currently the Senior Vice President of Ingram's Lightning Source Inc.
Although some Ukrainians arrived in Manitoba in 1891, the first few groups of immigrants to the Dauphin area arrived in August 1896.
US communications holding company AT&T (NYSE:T) announced on Friday the activation of a new mobile broadband cell site in Dauphin county, Pennsylvania.
It's a big, booming career," Dauphin said as he stood in a classroom.
With almost each weekly trip to Dauphin Island, we return to Birmingham with a new clutch of eggs.
16 that the State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama entered an order granting MoBay's petition to establish the North Dauphin Island Gas Storage Facility.
With office space across the UAE drastically increasing - doubling in Dubai alone in 2008 - the Middle East's leading office furniture supplier, OFIS has teamed up with German based manufacturers Dauphin - the human design group, to provide advice and solutions to the increasing problem.
Dauphin was born in Milford and was the son of the late Joseph Dauphin.
Giant's market share in Cumberland and Dauphin counties is about 35%, double or more that of its closest rival.
A 150-g sample of the fish was delivered to the US Food and Drug Organization's Gulf Coast Seafood Laboratory, Dauphin Island, Alabama, USA, for sodium channel-specific in vitro assay (8) and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC/MS/ MS) analysis.
Gene Stilp, president, Dauphin-Middle Paxton Fire Company #1, Dauphin, Pa.
Dauphin Golf, based at Clayton West, has teamed up with experts at Huddersfield University to seize an exciting export opportunity.