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Synonyms for daughter

female child

Synonyms for daughter

a female human offspring



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As carp injected with daughterless genes produce single-sex offspring, "the population of each targeted river or lake will eventually drive itself to extinction.
Despairing, Sameer said: "Sometimes you wonder whether we are moving towards a daughterless nation.
The daughterless Etta, believing the book belonged in woman's hands, passed the Cyclopedia onto her sister-in-law, Mary Angelica Thayer, who in turn bequeathed the book to her eldest daughter, Dorothy.
The Queen did what many a daughterless Tongan family did: she declared her youngest child fakaleiti--like a lady.
Clever stuff, to be sure, but Homes' 1993 novel, In a Country of Mothers - a comedic thriller about a daughterless psychologist's connection to her overmothered patient - is a true masterpiece.