daughter cell

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a cell formed by the division or budding of another cell

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In the latest study, the Miller and his colleagues worked out the molecular mechanism behind the difference in c-di-GMP concentrations seen between daughter cells.
The research offers an unprecedented, real-time glimpse into the intimate world of a single stem cell as it decides when and how to divide, and what its daughter cells should become.
Depleting skin stem cells of Pex11b led to fewer daughter cells able to differentiate into mature skincells.
In early stem cell divisions, both daughter cells matured into specialized skin cells, thereby depleting the supply of skin stem cells.
A cell that divides into more than two daughter cells undergoes a complex choreography of chromosomal motion that can result in aneuploidy.
To multiply and generate new tissues, stem cells divide into two daughter cells, which are not necessarily identical: the daughter cells can differentiate to produce various cell types that are essential to proper tissue function, a process known as cell diversification.
They are "telling" the stem cell when to produce more stem cells or when to produce daughter cells that will be the workhorses for that tissue or organ.
coli as they divided into daughter cells. While following the organisms through nine generations, a process that takes about 6 hours, the researchers kept track of the genealogy of every bacterium.
"We found that stem cells segregate their old mitochondria to the daughter cell that will differentiate, whereas the new stem cell will receive only young mitochondria," said Pekka Katajisto at BI.
Centromeres are key structural features of chromosomes that are necessary for the movement of chromosomes when cells divide, a function that ensures normal distribution of all genetic material to each daughter cell.
Such a structure hinted at the solution to another major riddle of biology: how a dividing cell copies its DNA so each daughter cell gets identical genetic information.
The research team have also found that, under normal conditions, vesicles or tiny bubbles containing the Notch activating protein Delta travel to the top of the daughter cell to a structure rich in actin.
Whenever an infected cell divides, the episome makes a copy of itself, and each daughter cell receives one.
Gametes created from my skin cells would be much like those created via the natural process of meiosis: Bits of my chromosomes undergo recombination such that when a skin cell is transformed into gametes, the set of chromosomes in each daughter cell contains a mixture of my genetic traits but not necessarily the same mixture as in the other daughter cells.