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Synonyms for daubing

the application of plaster

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Ian Town and Charlotte Backhouse - still banned from daubing graffiti on property; One of the trains daubed with graffiti; Charlotte Backhouse works on the graffiti wall at Fusion21
Workmen from Cardiff-based Orbis Property Protection spent two hours clearing the daubing free of charge at Oakway, Pentrebane in Cardiff, after reading about it in the Echo.
But racist vandals ruined the day by daubing a swastika on a memorial at Worthing, West Sussex.
A PAIR of graffiti vandals who have been daubing walls and cars in the picturesque town of Bewdley are being hunted by police.
Yesterday at Perth Sheriff Court, Stewart was caged for 60 days after he admitted knocking over eight gravestones and daubing paint on two more.
95), even with the array of baked, seasoned mahi-mahi, lamb, chicken and shrimp goodies, seem to need plenty of dousing, daubing and dipping of chutneys to achieve even average satisfaction.
Officials have blamed financial pressures at Cardiff council - which has ordered a wide series of measures to cut a multi-million-pound overspend - for not removing the daubing.
Forest Service, started work this month, hacking down 30-foot-tall bamboo stands, daubing herbicide to the stump and chipping the stalks.
The words they daubed on the wall, and the substance they used to do the daubing, are not fit to be repeated in a family newspaper.
But the gang, described as mindless by detectives, left clues to their identity by daubing two names on the walls at Handsworth Wood Girls School in Church Lane.