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the application of plaster

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Millrow, in Dunblane, was also targeted, with play equipment at a children's play park there covered in black spray paint, and a tree and an electrical generator box also graffitied.That attack included the daubing of names and initials, known as tags, and was reported to police onWednesday, July 17.
Thanks to anti-graffiti paint, which had been used for the murals, the daubing has now been removed.
TWO years ago Liverpool artists Sophie Backhouse and Ian Town were facing a possible jail sentence for daubing trains with graffiti.
A PAIR of graffiti vandals who have been daubing walls and cars in the picturesque town of Bewdley are being hunted by police.
But racist vandals ruined the day by daubing a swastika on a memorial at Worthing, West Sussex.
Workmen from Cardiff-based Orbis Property Protection spent two hours clearing the daubing free of charge at Oakway, Pentrebane in Cardiff, after reading about it in the Echo.
Bafta-winning actress Helen Griffin was one of six people arrested yesterday for daubing red paint on the walls of the National Museum of Wales in protest at the conflict in the Middle East.
He said: "Some of her neighbours may have been under the mistaken impression that the daubing of obnoxious terms may have had some basis in credibility."
A VANDAL who outraged victims by daubing race-hate graffiti on their homes is today facing jail.
They have taken delight in trashing the garden and daubing vile images on the windows and doors of the property in High Street, Ryton on Dunsmore.
Coun Keith Linnecor (Lab, Oscott) spotted a gang of around ten youngsters daubing Kingstanding Library with pictures of guns late last Wednesday.