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As one way to confirm his approach to dating copper-plate prints, Hedges used the computerized-image analyses to determine the paleness of the prints from editions of two old map books, L'isole piu famose del mondo by Thomas Poreacchi and Geographiae by Giovanni Magini, all of which contained publication dates.
NEW YORK -- OkCupid, America's fastest growing free online dating site, today announced results from a survey that asked 1,000 singles how they feel about Valentine's Day and dating.
I'd love for the Liujiang skull to be as old as Shen proposes, but we'll never know for sure without directly dating the specimen," Wolpoff holds.
TTRO is one of the largest and most successful off-line dating companies.
The music network's first dating show, which debuted last spring, is sexy like Fox TV's old ``Studs,'' with the lurid appeal of Chuck Woolery's ``Love Connection.
The team applied the thermoluminescence (TL) dating technique to quartz grains taken from nine progressively deeper locations in the sediment.
com (OTC PK: LUVT) a growing online dating company is pleased to announce the expansion of their online dating website in Poland, www.
Both services offer confidential, personalized service, interviewing prospective clients for about an hour before tossing them into the dating pool.
But White says he will remain skeptical of Bischoff's findings until the same dating technique -- known as accelerator mass spectroscopy (AMS) radiocarbon dating -- is applied to other Aurignacian sites.
Online Dating Coupled With Online Auctions Gives Luvoo Members an Added Advantage Over All Other Online Dating Sites
Users will join the "Flirting by Blind Date" program by sending in a text message where each user will receive a series of quick questions asking about their dating preferences - for example, where's their favorite place for a blind date?
LOS ANGELES -- Online dating is flourishing in Western Europe as singles worldwide take to the Web in their search for love and companionship.
Combined with current online dating holdings, Vintacom deal positions THK to aggregate significant market reach and knowledge base and continue investing capital toward long-term plan to build most comprehensive, service-valued, interactive ad agency in the world
The leading online dating service, with more than two million active members worldwide, will now offer both Userplane Webmessenger and Userplane Webchat to enable live text and A/V member-to-member communication.
Although the online dating industry is still in its infancy, singles' needs and expectations are evolving as they become more sophisticated online daters," said Lorna Borenstein, vice president and general manager of Yahoo