date rape

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rape in which the rapist is known to the victim (as when they are on a date together)

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Tests found she had been poisoned with nitrazapam, which is prescribed for insomnia and is related to the date rape drug Rohypnol.
Sometimes even victims of date rape do not consider the act as rape (8,9).
Beckel said that yes, date rape, that's one problem, conceding 'but you gonna take a gun out and shoot your date?
Drink Safe Technologies, a leader in Date Rape Drug Protection solutions, announces that they have created an innovative solution that will detect Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and Ketamine, the drug most commonly used to tamper a drink for date rape purposes.
However, some predict the device won't find mainstream successits sudden use might seem accusatory, say, on a datewhile acknowledging the unpleasant reality that date rape can occur without the presence of drugs.
When a ray of light comes into contact with a beverage spiked with a date rape drug, a signal change occurs and the system alerts the user.
Asked if he thought date rape did not count as a "serious" offence, he said: "Date rape can be as serious as the worst rapes but date rapes, in my very old experience of being in trials, they do vary extraordinarily one from another and in the end the judge has to decide on the circumstances.
The study shows an even more alarming trend a girls, victims of date rape, feel guilty if they refuse sexual favors.
The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) has released a new report entitled DATE RAPE CASES AMONG YOUNG WOMEN AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF GOOD PRACTICES FOR SUPPORT AND PREVENTION, which summarizes the findings of its transnational investigation on date rape among young women students in Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Malta, and Lithuania.
The drug has been linked to several date rape offences due to the effect when mixed with alcohol," he said.
Providing information about date rape drugs and how to protect oneself from them, six strategies for preventing date rape, warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, and resources to fall back on when experiencing abuse at home or school, Teen Safety: Dating & Relationships is an absolute "must-have" for school and public library collections.
DAME Helen Mirren has stated the obvious about date rape.
A TEESSIDE MP and a leading rape expert have hit out at comments by Oscar- winning actress Dame Helen Mirren over date rape.
DATE rape is a very real problem in Cyprus, which can no longer be brushed under the carpet, a report released yesterday has warned.
Date Rape examines the role of alcohol and drugs, the definition of rape, date rape in the queer community, false accusations, and the need for legislation, among other subjects.