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(astronomy) an arbitrarily fixed date that is the point in time relative to which information (as coordinates of a celestial body) is recorded


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[4.] Business newspaper Vzglyad [electronic resource]: (date of reference July 28, 2015).
[8.] The Russian Federation State program "The health care development" (date of reference March 8, 2015). (date of reference March 8, 2015).
[11.] The Accounting Chamber audit report "On the optimization of health, culture, education and social services" (date of reference March 8, 2015).
[12.] Online resource: Federal State Statistics Service (date of reference March 8, 2015).
[13.] The report of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation "On the outcome of the Russian Ministry of Health in 2014 and tasks for 2015," Moscow, April 2015 (date of reference 03.08.2015).
[16.] Electronic resource: RANEPA experts' survey online page on (date of reference April 29, 2015).
[17.] Rosstat database: (date of reference July 29, 2015).
This had however already been compromised because the international practice match between Germany and Nigeria had een played on 22 April last whereby a later date of reference was claimed.