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Unlike Data Guard and backups, there are no OCI management utilities for creating and managing pluggable databases (PDBs), but there are a few things to be aware of with dealing with pluggable databases in OCI.
Its new Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 11g and Oracle In-Memory Database Cache 11g, features include a Database Cache Grid, it can scale-out in-memory database caching via the online addition and removal of cache grid nodes without service downtime.
A technology of standby database assures high availability, security and saved data restoration after crash situations.
For instance, storing data in ArcSDE provides the flexibility to make data accessible to ArcMap users over the Internet and to store data in a relational database management system (RDBMS).
Although we'll demonstrate the process with Microsoft Access, you can use the same basic technique when converting from any ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) driver, including dBase, Visual FoxPro, Oracle and SQL Server.
The result for some institutions is an abundance of databases that contain similar information.
While sharing many features of World History Online, this database boasts an additional 550 historical images, including portraits, photographs, drawings, and archived documents.
FARM JOURNAL MEDIA DATABASE STRATEGIES (See advertisement in this section) 1818 Market St, 31st Fl, Philadelphia, PA 19103; 800/523-1583, FAX: 215/568-5012 Web site: Year established: 1877 Number of employees: 140 CEO: Andrew J.
* Deploy patches in minutes to hundreds of databases
Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition enables users to create and deploy a mobile database application without an expensive software development process.
"We have experienced strong market demand for our high availability and disaster recovery solutions from our customers using Oracle databases and specifically to support Oracle 10g and RAC," said Tim Rathbun, executive vice president of marketing and product management at GoldenGate.
First, you should understand the two basic types of databases: fiat-file and relational.
Many resources that librarians discuss with faculty and students are on the "invisible" web, not available freely in searching the Internet and not readily accessible with an Internet search (even though these databases are accessed through a web browser).
Lumigent Technologies Inc., a developer of data auditing solutions, has unveiled Entegra[TM] for Oracle[R] databases. This enterprise-level software helps organizations maintain the integrity of their data, reduce the risk of inappropriate changes and access to data, and meet compliance regulations.