database management

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creation and maintenance of a database

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CA is offering standard implementation and conversion services with a rigorous methodology to help organizations deploy, integrate and configure CA Database Management r12 products for DB2 for z/OS.
Four J's customers now have easy access to a breakthrough database management system that delivers performance and scalability unmatched by any other commercial RDBMS.
The new offerings are intended to integrate with the Unicenter Database Management console and make IT operations more efficient while improving database availability and performance.
Excellent technical reference books are available to explain database management systems, but it is often better to consult business periodicals that present contemporary market changes in software technology.
Here is a checklist for evaluating whether you need to purchase or should upgrade an existing database management system.
com) is the innovator in the market for affordable, high-performance database management systems.
The ANTs Data Server is an industry-standard database management system based on a breakthrough, high-performance SQL query execution engine that incorporates innovative, lock-free operations.
Over 90 percent of organizations who own relational database management systems are utilizing more than one type of database.
With industry-leading Enterprise Portal (EP), mobile and wireless solutions, essential integration products, and high-performance database management systems, Sybase is one of the largest independent software companies in the world.
The new Information Schema enhances database management with comprehensive statistics on internal operations and performance characteristics, and can present this data in popular Oracle V$ systems management views.
Informix Software is a leading provider of database management systems for data warehousing, business intelligence and transaction processing.
As a result, government agencies will be able to more easily take advantage of the benefits of ANTs' high-performance database management solutions.
a developer of multi-user, multi-value database management system (DBMS) software, has signed a letter of intent to acquire General Automation's (GA) database business for $6.
German enterpriseseIU investment in data and database management
US Enterprises' Investment in data and database management